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    Self-Updating Events List or Database

    vintagegamer Level 1
      Alright, I posted in a previous topic about my intentions but now that the calendar aspect is out I need a little more guidance.

      I need to have some way to store all the events that are associated with my school district. From there I need to be able to categorize the items by school building and then by event type such as "sports" or "staff" and finally by the specific event type such as "football" or "board meeting". Once all that is done I would like to be able to pull say the next five "football" events and have them show up in a designated spot on the Football homepage. Or, I would like the High School home page to be able to grab the next 5-10 events and show them in its designated spot. I would like to have a way that all the updating is done manually so the only thing I have to mess with is the main database where all the events are stored.

      My problem is I have NO CLUE how to implement this. I'll be honest, I have not searched google or other sites but that is only because I don't know what to search for or how to search it. I figured the users in here would know what I was talking about better than a search engine!

      Thanks for all the great help so far, my site is coming along in leaps and bounds!