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    Quick Time Quality Issue in PE12


      I teach a class on video production and one of my students discovered this issue. I'd value any help, especially an official Adobe response.


      For class I require students to export projects from Premiere Elements 12 using Vimeo's recommended settings for Quick Time:


      29.97 fps (DSLR footage)


      100% quality

      5000 kbps bit rate limit

      AAC audio

      Quick Time saved as .mov files


      The problem is, it looks terrible! Here's a sample file from PE12:



      What is really interesting is that using the exact same settings with the exact same source files in Premiere Elements 11 looks great:


      The same project as video clip 1, exported with PE12 using the default Flash Video settings at 720p produces a video that once again looks great:


      All original exported files are available for download on Vimeo.



      It seems like there is a problem in the rendering engine of PE12 when using Quick Time. Anyone encountered this issue? Adobe, is this a known glitch?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This is not Adobe. We are Premiere Elements users who try to help other Premiere Elements users with their Premiere Elements workflow. So if your goal is as stated

          I'd value any help, especially an official Adobe response.

          There is no official Adobe response here. You would need to contact Adobe direct for "an official Adobe response".


          You can file an Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form but you are unlikely to get a response. And, it probably says that in the information at the site to which the link takes you.



          We can offer you input based on change of details if you wish to proceed.


          How many computers are involved in those 3 Vimeo movies....

          a. Premiere Elements 11 and 12 on one computer

          b. Premiere Elements 11 and 12 on different computers


          Could you post a screenshot of the Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime, showing preset selected as well as the all the Export Setting under the Advanced Button/Video Tab? Also, please verify what the specific project presets were for each of the projects involved.


          Have you used the Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD, with presets = Vimeo HD as a comparison for the QuickTime in 12 and 11?


          More later.




          Add On..basic drill questions...

          a. Latest version of QuickTime installed with computer with Premiere Elements?

          b. Are permissions in order with computer with Premiere Elements 12 - that is a particular requirement of Premiere Elements and QuickTime.

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            tibungla Level 1

            Thanks for clarifcation on the board. I did submit a bug report too...


            Regarding your questions.


            All three videos were exported using the same computer.


            Screenshot of PE12:

            Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.40.50 PM.jpg


            Screenshot of PE11:

            Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.51.11 PM.jpg


            QuickTime is up to date. I have both the latest QT player and QT Pro.


            I don't know about the permissions thing... I haven't set/changed anything, nor have I gotten any error messages or warnings. What permissions need to be set?


            I haven't compared other presets... just the custom set QT values.


            Thanks so much!