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    Overlapping audio in Edge Animate 3.0 ?

    michaelhurwicz Level 1

      Using the new Edge Animate 3.0 audio capability, I created a project in which a sound plays when an element on the stage is dragged. My experience is that if I perform drags too quickly one after another, the second drag doesn't trigger the audio. I have to let the sound complete on the first drag before performing the second drag. I'm not sure if this is inherent in the way audio works in Edge Animate, or is related to something else about the way my project is constructed. There is a ten-minute video at http://www.yellowtechroad.com that shows how I constructed the project, and you can download the project files there, too.)


      I have found some information relating to HTML5 audio which makes me think that I would need to use multiple elements pointing to the same sound files:


      "The key is knowing that for short sounds that need to repeat, and might overlap, you must use a pool of elements instead of trying to play the same one twice at the same time."



      "If your scenario needs the same audio file to be played several times concurrently (that is, with overlapping sounds), you can achieve this result by creating multiple audio tags pointing to the same file."



      I'm not sure what the best way would be to do that.


      I'm currently using this code at the Stage level:




                drag: function ( event, ui ) {







      Wondering if anyone else has encountered this audio overlap issue (or, more precisely, non-overlap) or has any more info on it?



      Mike Hurwicz