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    Adobe ID

    Carihuela girl

      How can I delete my Adobe ID and start again?

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          Yes!! I was having trouble getting my library books to load to my Nook and the help at the library said to be sure my Adobe ID matched my Nook ID. Well, I hade changed my Adobe ID and couldn't erase it....I thought. I couldn't get Adobe help after waiting on the 800 number twice for an hour each, i gave up. But i contacted the library help and they told me what to do:

          Resetting your Computer's Adobe authorization
          1. Open Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) if it's not already open.

          2. Press Ctrl + Shift + D (Command + Shift +D on a Mac) on your keyboard.

          3. Select Erase Authorization, then OK.

          4. Try authorizing your computer again by going to Help > Authorize computer.


          I did this and was able to re-authorize ADE with the matching Adobe ID and I got my books to transfer. The ones I took from the library with the non-matching ID, wouldn't transfer, but any new books I took out did transfer without a problem.