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    InDesign CS6 Std working and accessing ID files over WAN.


      Could you please share experiences Windows 7 64 bit InDesign CS6 Std opening and working with 100-120MB files over public ISP WAN using VPN?

      Right now  very often we experience unresponsive screens of CS6, while nothing happens during 10 minutes and ID needs to be closed from Task manager.

      Usually this is a result of some action, ID button or mouse click.


      Background is, that enterprise has a central InDesign file depository, where ID files can be accessed and worked with from different countries.

      While transfer speed of our local ISP is 20/10 Mbit, depository side server real life bandwidth and server access speeds are variable and unknown.


      Is there some option to set up in local PC, which could improve performance over WAN?