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    Adobe Premier Elements 12


      I have used Techsmith's "jing" to record several sections of a a webcam conversation over Skype which contains both video and audio. Jing rendered the file after stopping the camera in each 5 minute segment as a .swf file. The file playsback in Macromedia Flash Player 6 with the audio being quite correct but the vdo portion rendering very slowly (as if it were just a series of still photos one after the other instead of continual motion). The video remains the same when imported into the timeline of Premier 12, but the audio does not import at all. In order to make a movie out of what I have now, I must trim many video frames from the sequences. However, I need the audio present in order to make any sence out of what I have. How do I get the audio to import with the video into Premier 12?


      I am using a laptop with Windows XP Pro installed. I have installed Premier 12 on my external 500Gb drive formatted NTSF. There is currently 327Gb of free space on that drive.


      I have also uploaded .avi and .mp4 files to the project and they come in with audio in place as expected. When trying to import a .flv file it indicates there is no code for that file type. How and where do I get the proper codex for .flv files and how do I install it?


      I understand the missing codex for the .flv files, but do not understans why the program imported the video of the .swf file but not the audio.


      Please advise!