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    Problem with render; I can't seem to find any solution, please help!



      I'm using AF for about half a year and despite that I'm still a newbie, I have learned a lot... I spent two months working on an important project and now, when all seems to be done, I decided to run a test render, if everything looks just fine...but I was really terrified, because as you can see on those pictures I've inserted, the render seems to lose a lot of quality and sharpness out of it and I have no idea why..


      My comp settings are: 1280x720,HDV 1080/DVCPRO HD 720 (1,33), frame rate 29,97...


      My render settings are: best quality, quick time - PNG , but I have found out, that it's pretty much the same result for many various formats..trouble 1.pngthis is the look I desire

      trouble 2.pngthis is what it looks like when rendered...


      THANK YOU for your help, I will highly appreciate it, it's really important to me... Vladimir.