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    ezAJAX(tm) - Revolutionary New Product

      ezAJAX(tm) - Revolutionary New Product

      ezAJAX(tm) allows you, the developer, code AJAX Apps faster and easier than every before.

      ezAJAX(tm) comes jam-packed with more than 10,000 lines of reusable code you can use when developing your AJAX Apps but you can also ship the entire AJAX Framework with your AJAX Applications.

      ezAJAX(tm) has a JavaScript Compiler that allows you to compile/obfuscate and encrypt your valuable JavaScript code quickly and easily. This allows you to protect your valuable Intellectual Property from all those curious eyes who may wish to compete against you once they see the work you have done.

      ezAJAX(tm) has a unique Runtime Licensing System that allows you, the developer, pick and choose those features and functions you wish to enable based on the type of Runtime License your customers choose to use when they install your AJAX Applications on their servers. You can choose to deploy a Try/Buy Runtime License that enables only certain features of a limited-use during the Trial period which can later be unlocked simply by paying you money for a full-feature Runtime License.

      Give ezAJAX(tm) a Try today and you will see just how much easier and faster you can develop high-powered AJAX Apps with very little coding effort.