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    How to make an image/object move along with another layer's Stroke effect?


      Hello there,

      I'm trying to make a whiteboard video presentation.

      What I actually need to do is link the .png sequence of the arm/hand to the sequential Stroke effect that I applied to the layer below, as to pretend that the moving hand is drawing that layer (which is actually a scanned hand drawing) following the masks that I have created with the Auto-trace tool.


      Obviously, I need to find a way to do this in order to avoid creating keyframes for every single (REALISTIC) movement of the hand.


      I'm working on After Effects CC 12.2. I have a "HAND" composition with 7 different .png's going on loop, stop motion like; a composition where the Stroke effect is applied to the drawing and a global composition where I'd like to merge the previous two.



      Does anyone have some suggestions?

      Thanks in advance