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    Re: 2 Freakin' Pixels off....

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      It's a mess working with the CSS of the existing template. They split the
      CSS into Type Styling, Structure, etc, so there are bits and pieces of CSS
      for the classes and ids all over the place. Makes it messy as hell. I need
      to wake up and take a look later.....after I take care of some other clients

      Thanks for looking!


      : Nadia : **AdobeCommunityExpert** wrote:
      > Hope you had a nice sleep MD - sounds like you need it ;-)
      > Bad news, you have about 55 validation errors and any of those could
      > be the cause of your problems. You won't really know until the code
      > is tidied up (apart from the alt attribute issue that is).
      > You also have used the same ID on more than one container. eg: sidebar,
      > content.
      > I see #footer used twice in the css - with different declarations..
      > one a width of 755? and the other for 100%.
      > http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fsfcitydish.com%2Fwordpress%2F
      > I'd try and tidy up the css first to make sure you don't have any
      > duplicate styles for the same ID and then check your html for
      > duplicates as well.
      > I know this doesn't solve your immediate problem, but would be better
      > in the long run to have the code as clean as it can be...
      > "Mad Dog" <md@mdp.com> wrote in message
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      >> It's late and I'm working on modifying a WordPress blog for a
      >> client. The CSS is very messy since it's a combination of the
      >> original and my changes and I haven't consolidated it yet. But
      >> somehow, somewhere, the footer has shifted about 2 pixels and I
      >> can't figure out why. Anyone have any good ideas?
      >> I'm heading to bed......I'll dream of someone having a simple answer
      >> for me in the morning.
      >> http://sfcitydish.com/wordpress/
      >> 'night 'night
      >> Mad Dog