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    Permission denied

    pwp69 Level 1
      I downloaded a sample app, created a FB2 project and ran it. It seems to work except a popup appears informing me of 'Permission denied' in history.htm. It happens twice for line 5 and 13.

      What causes this. What is history.htm/swf used for?

      I see in my project I have a bin folder and an 'html-template' folder. There are history.htm/swf files in each folder

      Is there documentation somewhere where I can get information on these files FB2 creates for a project?
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          The problem is caused by the fact that some or all of the files in your
          html-template directory are marked as read-only. That should be fine, but a
          bug in beta 3 caused the error message you are seeing. This bug has been
          fixed internally, so it will be fixed in the final release.

          As for what all those files are: They are all related to the various
          checkboxes in the project properties under "Flex Compiler" (or "ActionScript
          Compiler"), in the "HTML wrapper" section.

          History.htm, history.js, and history.swf are used if the "Enable history
          management (browser Back button)" option is checked. The rest of the files
          are described more in the Flash Player Detection Kit,

          By the way, you can change any of the files in the html-template directory.
          When you build, those files are used to generate the files in the "bin" directory.

          Mike Morearty
          Developer, Flex Builder team