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    Can't install flash in waterfox.


      I have searched and searched this site and the waterfox site for solutions.

      I usually use Waterfox to play Castleville on Zynga and other facebook games.

      My google brower began crashing contstantly and someone on the Zynga forums reccomentded Waterfox. Been very happy with it.c

      But now something is screwy – I was having a lot of crashes – exceed memory usage – I noticed when the plug in container would get to about 2mil in the task manager, it would crash.

      So, I thought I’d look into seeing if there were updates to help – bad idea.

      I can’t get all in sync to reload castleville. Or Adobe.
      When I click on the castlevile zynga link, I get the screen and my message inbox. After it loads I get my gifts inbox .

      I can point and click on the links with no issues.

      But when I click play – I either a white screen or a balck screen.    I have searched all over for solutions.

      Been to adobe – checked double checked. I’ve un-loaded adobe, re-loadde abobe – but it doesn’t seem to initialize on my  computer. Downloaded older versions of adobe – but so far nothing has worked .

      Adobe doesn’t seem to be loaded or recognized on my laptop.

      Can you help? Thanks,

      I’ve been trying to solve this for the last 2 days, but it’s beyond what I comprehend and adobe is no help!

      I have a 2009 Dell n5010 with Win 7 home
      64 bit operating system –

      I’m not sure what else you need.

      Thanks for your assistance.