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    Portable and slim editing laptop, gaming laptop best bet?



      I'm am curently in the market for a new laptop. One of the most important aspect for me is size and portability.


      At the moment I've got a 14" HP laptop that I love in terms of portability, size and weight, but it's terrible when it comes to editing.

      After reading up on hardware (which I knew nothing about prior to this) I've come to the conclusion that some of what i want is:

      • The latest intel i7 quad core processor
      • If not completely ssd based then some sort of hybrd solution. I want 1TB of disc space (mechanical is fine here) plus som ssd.
      • Atleast 16 gb of ram (upgradable is fine if it comes with less)
      • A nice GPU
      • A nice screen with hd resolution.
      • 14" (could stretch to 15" if the laptop's really slim and lightweight)
      • preferably 2 kg in weight (no heavier than 2.6 kg)
      • Swedish keyboard layout


      My budget is around 10'000-14'000 sek (1500$ - 2200$)


      The reason slimness and weight is so important to me is that videoediting is a hobby of mine. The laptop will also work as my school laptop. I love editing while laying on the couch or in bed. I never sit at a desk. I always bring my laptop around with me so size is extremely important. But I do want a laptop that will do what I ask of it.

      Editing is just a hobby of mine but I do edit seveal hours a day. I run Premiere pro cs6 and After effects cs6 simultanioulsy working with the dynamic link a lot. (I've got the production premium cs6 suite so sometimes I will use photoshop and the rest of the package aswell)



      After looking around a lot my best bet seems to be a gaming laptop. I realise we've got a slight problem here when it somes to GPU but at this point I think I'm willing to compromise with that.


      So far my candidates seems to be:

      Razerblade 14" http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade

      (the screen is only 1600x900 and has gotten a lot of complaints)


      MSI GE40 2oc 14" http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GE40_2OC_Dragon_Eyes.html#specification

      (only 1600x900 screen here aswell but the screen itself seems to be better than razer though..)


      Gigabyte P34G 14" http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4636#kf

      (I'm in love with this one for so many reasons but some rewievs says it's got a really cheap chassie (someone had to bend it straight) and is really loud)


      MSI gs70 stealth 17" http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GS70_STEALTH.html#specification

      (It's got everything I want in a laptop and is super slim and sexy. But it is 17", and even though it is amazingly slim and lightweight it is still really big)



      I am at a loss for what to do.

      Am I looking in the wrong direction? I want a great editing laptop that is also portable, slim and pleasing to the eye.

      I've been looking at macbookpro of course but if I want to get everything I want in it I would have up my budget with about 1000$ (3299$ if I order from US(if that's even posible), 4649$ if i buy it in Sweden)  which is pretty much impossible for me.

      If I did decide to save up for a mac would I have to repurchase my programs?


      Am I looking in the wrong direction? Is there something I'm missing? Do I have unreasonable demands?

      Do any of you know of a slim 15" that would do the job?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!