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    text as outlines in flash 8

    franzmaruna Level 1
      okay, so i've got a situation where i actually want to treat text as the shapes the letter forms create and not the outter bounding box of the movieclip.

      I'm dynamically making text in actionscript, then wanting to assign rollover actions to it. The problem is im making a bunch of text layers all overlapping, and i'd really like the user experience to be if they roll over the actual text it trips the events but if they roll over white space aroudn the text it does not.

      flash used to behave this way and we'd have to put transparent movies behind the text to make it treat the whole area as a bounding box so buttons would work well. It looks like in v8 that was changed to automatically use the bounding area.. i'd really like it to only trip when the user rolls over the letter form.. any chance there's a parameter i can set on that movieclip, or did the 'fix' remove the functionality entirely?