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    Should i sell my pc for a Macbook pro


      Currently my pc setup is as follows


      intel core i7 4930k 3.4 ghz 12mb Ivy-Bridge

      EVGA  ACX cooler Geforce GTX 780 3gb 384-bit ddr5 PCI-E 3.0

      32GB Gskill Ram

      240gb ssd

      2tb HDD

      bluray burner

      rosewill USB 3 74-in 1 internal card reader

      850 Watt PSU


      Im going to filmschool this year and am not sure wether i'de be utilizing my pc to its full potential, i dont like the idea of losing so much performace but is it really that much? my alternative would be a laptop and for some reason many major hollywood  companies use apple products. would a 15 inch macbook pro with the highest possible proccessor, ram, and video card  along with the superdrive be a suitable replacement? At heart i do wish to get a laptop, and apparently the mac osx uses very little computing power compared to windows. I wanna be able to edit a minimum of 2k footage.


      Thoughts ?

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Going to school = learning before you work full-time.


          Why not get an affordable, not-so-expensive Macbook Pro to have when you go off to school to supplement your current PC. Better still, you could possibly snag a used high-end Macbook Pro for cents of the dollar vs. what it cost 1 or 2 years ago.



          - allows you to gain experience in all things Mac and PC; this will serve you best when you are trying to get work. Unless you work for yourself, you will still find employeers that are PC and Apple focused. It would be a very rare situation in which they will ask the new employee what hardware and software they prefer to cut on!

          - the PC you list would work fine for 2k probably your whole way through school and you may choose to get a more powerful laptop along the way

          - hardware experts that have tested PCs and Macs have shared here that for Premiere Pro Mac OSX does not help (or hurt) vs. the Windows Operating System (kudos to Eric with ADK for this testing)





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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            OSX does not use less resources with regards to media content creation than Windows. That unfortunately is not accurate. The PC system you have would far outperform any laptop especially a MBP. Most who use MBP in media content creation do so for limited work and have an editing workstation back at the studio or home office for the real work. Many are starting to use desktop sharing from the laptop to edit on the workstation back at the office remotely to retain the processing power as the DS sharing latency drops. Also keep in mind the cooling on an MBP is not designed for the heat generation of long renders. You will eventually thermal damage your CPU in those if you are constantly rendering media for 12 hours or more.




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              xmbboy Level 1

              Yea, Ive decided to wait and see what my situation is in filmschool before making any decisions. Im really interested in this remote editing method, where can i learn to do it ?

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                Check around in the editing forums and see what people are using for the lower latency. There are as many DS clients out now as there are flavors of ice cream. However some will be more suitable for the latency of editing.