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    AI file to AE:Shape to Vector Error - Could not create outlines. Empty or unsupported content(26::0)

    chilecayenne Level 1

      Hello all,


      First off, I'm a complete noob at both AI and AE.


      I have version CS6 of both, from the CS6 Production Premium package.


      I was given a AI file of a logo. I'm wanting to animate it in AE with 3D. Following tutorials out there..I know I need to get everything into separate layers...each component of the logo.


      I've ungrouped things, and I've done the release to layers (segments) option and it appears that everything is in its own layer.


      I've selected and moved all these layers out of the containing layer to their own top level layers. (I hope I"m using the correct terminology).


      I've saved this file.


      In After Effects, I import this in as a composition. I double click the comp, and it seems to open just fine in the timeline as all the different layers.


      However, as soon as I try to select one or more of them and use the menu option -> Create Shapes from Vector layer.


      I get the error screen saying:


      Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 9.00.50 PM.png


      After Effects Warning: Could not create outlines. Empty or unsupported content (26::0)
      I've been googling and I can't really find anything out there on this error code.
      Any suggestions on what I could try to get this to work?
      Thank you in advance,