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    Site Preloader with Video

      I'm creating this preloader to a site which includes a 40 second cut of a viedeo in the background.
      My problem is that all the assets of the preloader load but nothing happens until the loader has reached some 60%. I used the bandwith profiler and noticed that there are 128k of data on the first frame alone which I presume is video overhead. I've tried to change the linkage of the video to not load on first frame but still no luck.

      Any help please. Thanks.
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          pallav_theGreat Level 1
          Hi boss!!!

          You can do 1 thing, in ur library please change the components property of "export in 1st frame" to any other frame, i.e "3", Might ur problem resolved by this.
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            most likely you have components (or other objects) that are exported for actionscript and loaded before your preloader is displayed.

            to remedy, as pallav implied set export to some frame other than 1 if you don't need to use any of those components etc in the first frame.

            however, that is not done in your library. click on file, publish settings, flash, settings and change the export frame for classes.