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    Databases SQL help!


      when i connect mySQL databases to dreamweaver I only see the default databases, none of the ones I created in myPHPadmin, please advise.  I'm running MAMP on Mac OS X 10.7

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          es73 Level 2

          What version of DW are you using? I thgink I need more information - what are you doing to connect to your databases, and what are you expecting to see?

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            amalankar Level 1

            Sorry I should have included all that.  Dreamweaver CS6, I am going to the databases icon on the right side of the screen in "App Developer Plus" viewing mode.  I am trying to add a database  with mySQL connection:


            Connection Name: registration, mySQL server: localhost, Username: root, Password: my set password, Database <--- here is the error when I click select; it does not show the databaes I made in myPHP admin. called Registration and Dbank;  I'm expecting to see these databases as I can see them in myPHPadmin.  but in Dreamweaver after connecting to mySQL i only see: information_schema. mysql, performance_schema, and test. 

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              amalankar Level 1

              i had installed mysql before installing MAMP, when I removed mysql, the databases no longer connected in dreamweaver.  I got an error:


              MySQL Error #2002


              No such file or directory I have tried


              1. Formating my computer and reinstalling all Dreamwweaver, MAMP, and re-enabling everything --> SAME ERROR

              2. Setting the path in terminal to include /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql in .bash_profile  --> SAME ERROR

              3. In Terminal doing:


              cd /var/

              sudo mkdir mysql

              cd (to get back to root)

              sudo ln -s /tmp/mysql.sock /var/mysql/mysql.sock

              --> SAME ERROR


              Why can't Dreamweaver just connect to the databases.? PLEASE HELP!