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    Timeline reset to frame 0...how?

      Okay, Flash newbie here!

      I'm working with the Slide Show presentation feature. Making a slide show. Have some animations set up and also using slide transistions between slides. Also have a "stop" at the end of the timeline, so the slide animations don't "loop" while resting on one slide for a length of time. Here's where the problem comes in:

      When I return to the slide later while in the presentation either by navigating back with the Keyboard arrow keys or if I happen to accidentaly go past a slide and backtrack to it… the slide doesn't show all the animation that I've set-up… it just sits at the end of the timeline where I told it to stop in the first place.

      What I'm looking for is a way to still "stop" the timeline at the end of the animations on the slide while there but "reset" it when I return later for whatever reason to re-view the same slide. Make sense?

      Any help would be appreciated.