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    PS CC - Performance, open and save files


      Hi guys,


      I am working on multi-gigabyte files 4-10gb, but say a 5gb file takes me approx 75 seconds to open... it only use 4 core's and 10gb of ram.


      Saving is so sloow - same size files, now I haven't timed it but it takes time... IMHO it takes too much time considering the hardware.


      system contains 20 SSD's

      8x Samsung 830 Raid-0 for startup disk (Areca 1882ix-24 4GB cache)

      6x Intel 520 Scratch disk in Raid-0 IBM M1015 controller

      6x Intel 520 storage disk in Raid-0 IBM M1015 controller


      I have played with various configurations


      48GB of ram


      2x XEON X5650 at stock speed 2.66Ghz - but it can go to 4.2Ghz

      Windows 7 x64

      am I expecting too much?