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    Morphing one mask shape to another always flips around

    Nateido1 Level 1


      I've been trying to take two very basic mask paths (8 vectors each) and have them transition from one to the next. Every time I do that (no matter which vertices I select as first vertex) they always interpolate by reversing around to the second mask, making the morphing effect look ridiculous of course. It doesn't simply follow the logical steps of simply doing an easy transition, but goes all crazy and loops through itself, if that makes sense. I've looked into using the Mask Interpolation option, but that just seems to create more keyframes of the same loopy morph.  Is there some way to "tell" After Effects to simply follow the obvious (or reverse) it's path from one mask to another, or some kind of script or something to tell it what to do?


      What I did by the way was copy and paste two different masks from Illustrator that I created. One was a simple rounded rectangle that was more wide, the second a simple rounded rectangle less wide. I've found that when I manually create the mask paths in After Effects, I don't have a problem with the transition from one to the next, but I'd love to be able to copy paste my mask paths where the final shapes of the masks were properly formed. Any help appreciated!!!