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    Student Monitor Question


      Good Morning...


      I am wondering if anyone can help me choose a monitor that will be affordable but will work for some limited video editing and graphics stuff.  I am a production student and on a budget so I don't have a ton of money and don't need a "pro" set up but I would like to find a desk top monitor that I can hook up to my macbook pro do do some editing on...thoughts?

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          Well I am not really Mac knowledgable, but if it is a fairly recent Mac Book Pro it more than likely has a a DisplayPort interface.  So for a decent 1920 x1080 resolution monitor with a DisplayPort, I might recommend a NEC 23-inch monitor at $230.  If that does not fit your budget let us know.   For less than $30 you can buy a mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapter and then you have a wider selection of monitors.  With that adapter you could consider this 23-inch HP monitor for $130.