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    Adjusting images to fill divs entirely (no repeat)




      I'm just trying to build one of my first web pages with dreamweaver CS6 and now I had to face a problem I could neither solve, nor find in your forum.


      I have a certain div-container in my page and want to fill him entirely with a picture. This container is flexible and changes his size, so i dont want to simply "drag" the picture.
      Now i could - for example- set this picture as background for the div. Ok, but it doesnt fill the container entirely, cause i dont want the image to repeat (looks stupid in this case) and I dont want to have a kind of margin, too.


      I just want it to adjust itself to the size of the div container and to fill 100% of its width and height.



      Btw, sry for my english, I'm no native speaker, so pls feel free to ask for any unknown vocab



      Ty for any suggestions!