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    failure to open digital edition


      i failed to open my e-book as authorization failed. asking for reset of  password seeméd to work. but using the new id also failed. what now? what else can  i do?

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Can you please let us know the exact error message you are getting while authorizing ADE?

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            haura018 Level 1

            Dear Dominic,


            thank you for your quick reaction!


            The error message in German says: “Das Anbieterkonto, das Sie eingegeben haben, ist nicht mit dem Element verknüpft, das Sie öffnen möchten. Versuchen Sie es erneut.“ The „problem“ is, that Adobe ID is the only possible „eBook-Abieter” in the Adobe Digital Editions window. And: the books could be opened on my old netbook with Windows XP. As XP is no longer supported by Microsoft in the future, I transferred my eBooks to my new netbook using now Windows 8.1. Is Windows 8.1 the problem?


            Another peculiarity: some very old eBooks were “migrated” when installing by Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 – but can nevertheless be read: only the chapter numbers are shown, but no content.


            All very curious.


            To make it clear: my authorisation ID for Adobe had not been changed (otherwise couldn´t have entered  Adobe inside), but on my new netbook no eBook can be read.




            I would appreciate your further assistance very much!




            Best regards








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              chiragjuneja Level 1

              It looks like that you had authorized the book without a vendor account or Adobe ID on the previous machine/device and on the new one you can’t open the book.

              If this is the case, then you can't much here as that option clearly states that you will not be open this book anywhere else but only on current device.

              You have to access the book from old machine only.


              Can you confirm this information?