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    "Info" panel confusion


      In the "Info" panel, let say I have a layer with a duration of 2 frames, in this case it shows: Duration: 0;00;00;02 | In: 0;00;00;00, Out: 0;00;00;01. Can anyone explain this, because to me it should be "Out:0;00;00;02"   

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The display is correct. A frame is a measure of time. One goes from zero to one. two goes from one to two so if the in point is 0 and your out is 1 there are 2 frames. There is nothing from 2 to 3. If the out point was frame 2 then there would be three frames. 0-1, 1-2, and 2-3....


          Think of a ruler. One inch of from 0 to 1, 2 inches is from 0 to 2, but the ruler doesn't start counting at 1, it starts as zero so the first inch is frame zero, the second inch is frame 1.

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            hajdha Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            According to your explanation, I think it should still be "Out:0;00;00;02", because from 0 to 1 it's 1 frame, and from 1 to 2 it's 2 frames in total!

            I think, the way this count is done is: it counts 1 frame where the CTI is exactly in the a frame (in this case 0 is the first frame and 1 is the second frame)

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In all editing apps if your CTI is at frame 2 you asre seeing frame 3. Frame 2 is over...


              Again, this is correct. According to your explanation if the CTI (current time inicator was at 0 you would see 0 frames, at frame 1 you would see frame 1 and frame 2 you would see frame 3.


              Let's say you were cutting between two shots where someone is throwing a ball at a cup. In shot 1 at ecactly frame 100 you see a ball hit a cup. You want to cut to the exact spot in Shot 2 where the ball hits the cup. If the CTI is at frame 100 and you see the ball hitting the cup, where do you put the in point of shot 2? If you set the in point of Shot 2 where you see the ball hit the cup and you put these two shots together the ball will hit the cup at frame 100 and then hit it again at frame 101 in shot 2...


              Did you follow that?


              IOW, if you see something when the CTI is on a specific frame then there is an image at that frame. Set the outpoint at that frame and you can still see the frame because you did not cut or set the out point at the frame before the frame you are looking at.


              A sequence that is 10 frames long starts at frame 0 and ends at frame 9, 0 to 9 is 10 numbers. 1 to 10 is ten numbers... It makes perfect sense.


              If this drives you crazy set your compositions to start at frame 1 instead of frame 0. It will make you feel better, but every frame accurate note you pass to any professional in any studio in the world will be off by one frame.

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                hajdha Level 1

                Hi Rick,


                Thank you for you support, I think I got it now, so for example if we have a layer with a duration of 2 frames:

                1st frame = [0,1[

                2nd frame= [1,2[


                and as frame 2 is not included in the interval (if the CTI is in frame 2, you could see nothing at this frame), so the Out point is "Out:0;00;00;01"   and not "Out:0;00;00;02"



                Thank you again,

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Sorry, but you still don't grasp the concept.


                  The FIRST frame has its inpoint at 0 AND its outpoint at 0.  How can that be?  Because frames are one frame in duration.  Thus, the beginning of the first frame is at frame 0, and the end of the first frame is at the end of frame 0.  It is one frame in duration. 


                  The SECOND frame's inpoint and outpoints are both 1.  And so on.