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    Can Flash Builder create HTML/Javascript AIR applications?

    streamworksaudio Level 1



      In the past I have used Flex Builder to create AIR applications and I am looking at creating AIR applications with HTML and Javascript and I am wondering if I can do this in the new version of Flash Builder?  I know that Dreamweaver can do this, but not sure about Flash Builder.  I know that Aptana Studio could do this with version 2, but it is no longer in version 3.


      So in a nutshell, can I create HTML/Javascript AIR applications with Flash Builder or do I need Dreamweaver?




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          Andy Ericksen

          I too would like to know if Flash Builder premium can create Air HTML Javascript projects.

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            jacograaff Level 1

            I have used flash since 1998 and director before that. I have seen Adobe neglecting and killing of huge billion$$$ worth of client resources because of a lack of vision twice (flash/director). I now decided to go the Cordova route - Phonegap again an Adobe backed implementation - I do not trust Adobe anymore. 3 years ago I was concerned about their future vision regarding FMS (Interactive Media Streaming) - RTMFP was an amazing technology and so far beyond where RTC is even now - but again - the accountants at Adobe lacked the vision to support the great developers - I will now use the less capable RTC-tech combined by a de-fragmented js-node based framework platfrom because Adobe has no vision and direction with the extremely powerfull flash-flex-air platform....