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    Cookie Jones

      Indesign is crashing when I attempt to open a couple of the pages of a 48 page doc.

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          Sumit_Garg Adobe Employee

          Hi Jones,


          There are few steps that you can do here:

          • Try cleaning your preferences and then open your document.
          • If issue is specific to single document and above step does not work, you can share your file with us @  corrupt_indesign_docs@adobe.com

                  We would like to have a look.

                   Please mention InDesign version and Platform being used for this corrupt document in email.

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            Cookie Jones Level 1

            The Adobe help guy talked me through the cleaning up process but i have no

            idea how to open these two pages to see what i need to re-create !


            I am not sure about sending my whole doc over as its private ?


            It will not pdf either

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              claytontrain Level 1

              Hi Sumit_Garg.



              I have an InDesign file that I believe is damaged. Every time I open it, it freezes InDesign. I've tried using a blank open and export script to save the file as an idml, I've tried Stellar Phoenix... I've done lots of trouble shooting.


              The thing is, when I try to open this file it DOES open for about 3-5 seconds before it freezes, and I can see that the vast majority of the document is there and intact. I very much need this file, as it represents years of work.


              I have sent it to the e-mail address above as a Google Drive link. Could someone take a look for me and see if they can fix it?




              Thanks SO MUCH!