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    Raw update needed but not possible

    David J Swift

      Lightroom 5 keeps complaining that I need to update Pshop's raw app to 8.3.


      In Photoshop CC, the Update menu results in "everything is up to date"  -- even though Raw 8.2 is there.


      -- I tried the super-secret Raw update installer. It resulted in an "illegal operation" type message.


      -- I deinstalled and reinstalled Pshop CC. It installed Raw 8.2!


      -- FWIW, Premiere Pro is also outdated but CC app also says it's up to date.


      -- Isn't Creative Cloud supposed to replace Adobe Application Manager? Why does the CC app and AAM take turns popping up to offer (erroneous) information?


      Surely there is a way to tell the Creative Cloud to reset my application list.


      I have spent hours trying to resolve this over the past few weeks.


      If you tell me to de-install and reinstall the entire Creative Cloud, I'll request a $100 credit. I have already lost at least a day of production trying to troubleshoot this.

      MacPro, OS X 10.7.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this is what you mean by the “super secret” installer, then download and try it, again, after clearing your browser’s cache to clear out any incomplete download of the DMG:



          To get CC to rescan what you have installed, log out of the CC Desktop app, reboot, and log back in to the CC Desktop app.


          You might try to uninstall PS-CC, then run CC Cleaner, then log out of the CC Desktop app, reboot, and log back in, then try your PS-CC install and ACR 8.3 update, again.


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            David J Swift Level 1

            re the Raw 8.3 Mac updater: same as before. "Update failed. . . . this patch is not applicable to you." This, by the way, is a message from Adobe Application Manager. Isn't AAM supposed to be gone?


            Mind you, I am having this trouble on both on my MacPro (10.7) and my laptop (10.9). And I have run Cleaners and DeInstallers  and Reinstallers until I am sick of it.

            To get CC to rescan what you have installed, log out of the CC Desktop app, reboot, and log back in to the CC Desktop app.


            Can you confirm that this in fact works? I have tried this several times. Please know that I did not post this question until I had tried every suggestion I could locate on the Adobe forums and elsewhere.


            You might try to uninstall PS-CC, then run CC Cleaner, then log out of the CC Desktop app, reboot, and log back in, then try your PS-CC install and ACR 8.3 update, again.


            I have done this repeatedly on both machines.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The “not-applicable” error sounds like the wrong ACR 8.3 direct link was used to download the file—using the CS6 DMG instead of the CC DMG.  I suppose there might also be a problem with the language version not matching if you’re using non-English for your Mac.   What do the installer log files say is the problem?


              If you’ve having the problems on both an older and newer OS I’d be suspicious of some common program or configuration or permissions that is the problem.  


              I am a PC person and have had the logout-reboot-login sequence work for CC knowing I’ve uninstalled something so it was offered again for download.


              On my Windows PC, the AAM and CCDesktop are both started by something call PDApp.exe with differing startup parameters.


              Some solutions to installer problem suggest renaming the PDApp folder and reinstalling the CC Desktop app from creative.adobe.com.  The following shows where the PDApp is located on Windows and Macs:




              If you were on Windows, there is a manual install procedure for putting the newer plug-in into the right folders from the direct download ZIP file.  I don’t know the equivalent process on the Mac, but you may be able to determine what to do by looking inside the downloaded DMG.   On Windows, the Camera Raw.8bi file is the largest resource file in one of the resource folders, so it is easy to figure out which one it is.  There are both 32-bit and 64-bit plug-ins for Windows so the Mac process may be simpler.


              Here is what the manual install process includes for the PC, where this procedure if for putting the 32-bit ACR 8.3 into the plug-in folder of PS Elements 12, but the process is similar for PS-CC, just the paths and source file would be different, assuming you can find an analogous file in the DMG:



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                oldbalddude Level 1

                In the real world, none of this will work.  If Adobe is to be believed, the problem is that the files in the folder /Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0 are out of sync with reality. Unfortunately uninstalling PhotoshopCC with or without the Cleaner App does not uninstall the Camera Raw PlugIn. And if you do a reinstall, it won't update the plugin. It will also not reinstall the plugin if you manually remove it. If you have the plugin on another machine, you can copy it to the appropriate place /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CC/File Formats, and it will work. If you have the secret Installer, you can right click to show package contents and dig the Plug-In out of there. At this time, Adobe has no way that they will admit to to automatically sync the inventory folder with the reality of what is installed, so using this trick will not allow for automatic updates in the future. Recent testing with Adobe people has shown that simply copying up to date files from one of Adobe's machines to mine doesn't fix the problem. What I am going to experiment with the next time there is a Camera Raw update is making sure my laptop and desktop machines are synced to the exact same versions in reality. Then I will copy what appear to be the relevant files from the Inventory folder to my (out of sync) desktop machine from my Laptop. Testing shows that this does screw up the permissions, so I will set the permissions of the files and enclosing folders to match the permissions found on the laptop on which updates work perfectly. This may or may not work, but it's worth a shot. I am told by the person I have been working with most recently at Adobe that he has requested that an automatic resync tool be created (it would be trivial to do), and he has passed that request on the the "development team" and that they agree it needs to be done in some manner. That may be reality or they may just want to shut me up, I don't know. FWIW, I have been trying without success to resolve this problem for 7 months. Unfortunately, Adobe Tech Support's initial instructions (Delete the AAMUpdaterInventory file among others) made the problem unrecoverable as this folder rebuilds itself only when the CC Desktop App or some other installer does an actual install. It's a big fat ugly bug that has been ignored for quite a while now and needs to be fixed ASAP.

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                  David J Swift Level 1

                  I appreciate your effort on this, ssprengel. I carefully downloaded the proper installer. Several times.


                  I was impressed when I first joined the CC because the installers . . . worked. I naively told other people Adobe seems to have its legendary installer-hell mess under control. Adobe installer problems, however, are as widespread as ever.


                  I just purchased the PS/LR package for my assistant. It actually installed the latest Camera Raw! It's always breeathtaking when an Adobe install works as advertised. I will do what I can to manually recreate the Raw setup on my own machines. Again, thank you for your time.

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                    David J Swift Level 1

                    Thanks, oldbalddude. You have confirmed that it's Adobe's poor QC and not my machines that are the culprit. The problem seems widespread. Is a class action suit out of the question? Even today, a Sunday, I lose another two hours of my life dealing with this.

                    I live in the Rocky Mountain West. South of Salt Lake City along I-15 is Adobe's enormous new gleaming ritzy well-lit headquarters. Big glass, you can see inside. I reckon that the entirely of what I have paid Adobe for 25 years offset the purchase of four plush new executive chairs. When I drive by that enormous building, I ponder the hundreds of dollars I have lost in production fixing problems caused by their sloppy code. I conclude that Adobe could not care any less about this especially puny customer.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What makes deleting the AAMUpdaterInventory irrecoverable?  If it is rebuilt by another install then surely it isn't that hard to make another install happen. 


                      For example if you install the AAM, again:



                      Or CC Desktop, again:


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                        ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Adobe should supply a reset app.


                        The problem is not on all macs, so something on your computers is not quite right but Adobe doesn’t have any easy way to reset things. 


                        The license agreement you’re using Adobe’s software on your computers precludes any sorts of lawsuit.

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                          oldbalddude Level 1

                          A reinstall of CC Desktop does not rebuild the inventory folder. That is the issue. An uninstall and reinstall does appear to rebuild the Photoshop part of the inventory, but Camera Raw has is a separate component as far as the inventory is concerned. There is no Camera Raw uninstaller that I have been able to turn up. If the Camera Raw data in the inventory folder is for the wrong version or is not there at all, the Camera Raw installer will not run. That is what makes it unrecoverable. It took me all of 7 months to get past the India based support (who really don't have the training to even understand the problem) to somebody who did. A couple of weeks with him did not really resolve the issue either, but now I at least know what the issue is. We will see tomorrow when the 14.2.1 update is release whether or not the reinstall of Photoshop actually resolved the problem I was having with that ifailing to update too. I've reinstalled the CC Desktop Application at least a dozen times, and Photoshop CC at least 4 times, but tech when I contacted tech support on the failure of Camera Raw to update, they always had me delete the whole inventory flder, which kills pretty much any updates. It's a really ugly situation. I'm told that the day before I actually got through to an American support person, the notice went out to India to stop deleting the Inventory folder. The real solution is a simple check  that inventory matches reality, but as of now Adobe doesn't do that. If there was a Camera Raw uninstaller that could be made to work (if there is one in the installer, it craps out before the uninstall option is available). Without the uninstaller, there is no way to get the installer to run, which mens that the only way to install the updated Camera Raw plugin is by drag & drop from the installer package or from another installation. This does not update the inventory folder, so the next time an update is available for Camera Raw, CC Desktop will not see it. If it doesn't see what it is looking for, it announces that everything is up to date and offers no install option. It's sloppy programing for sure. Why it hasn't been fixed already is beyond me. Hopefully it will be in the near future. But as of now, if there is a way to do it, nobody at Adobe seems to know what it is. As I noted I have an experiment planned for the next Camera Raw update, which as far as I know isn't tomorrow. At the moment I am medium sure that Photoshop will update properly tomorrow but even that is an unproven assumption at this point. You will almost certainly think this makes no sense, and no one could agree more than I do, but that is the situation as it stands. As for time wasted, I have spent many full days working with tech support at verious levels getting told to do exactly the things which will make it worse, or letting them take control of my computer and do the make it worse thing themselves. At one point they even had me uninstall the CC Desktio app WHILE IT WAS RUNNING AND IT ACTUALLY DID REMOVE THE FILES WHILE LEAVING IT RUNNING IN MEMORY!!!! The resulting crash caused a huge amount of corruption on my HD which took another full day to recover from. Adobe promise me credit for time lost due to failure to update, but so far I haven't seen a dime. A happy camper I ain't, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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                            oldbalddude Level 1

                            As for a reset app, I suggested/demanded this from the guy I am working with, and he has contacted the development team and tells me they have responded favorably. It is certainly a trivial thing to do, and if I knew what they were looking for in the inventory folder's files, it would be easy enough for me to write my own script. But I don't know this, and I don't have time to try to figure out for myself exactly what they are doing.