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    Multiple nooks using ADE

    melmel10 Level 1



      I've been pouring through threads all day and still cannot figure this one out. I have ADE and have used it for over a year with no issues to download books from my library to my nook simple touch.


      I now have a nook color and when I open ADE it reconizes the device, however, when I try to download an ebook onto it, it tells me that 'there is no permission to copy'. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ADE, I've now created an adobeID and authorized my computer, I've even tried creating a new OS user on my computer in hopes that using ADE in that profile would help. Nothing has worked! I have also gone into my nook color and deleted the ADE folder...no good!


      All I want to is to read books on my nook color, yet I can't seem to figure it out. Any help is much appreciated!