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    How to set product Id for event booking order?


      We take paid bookings for a number of events through the year. Since the event booking information is identical for every event (only the event details change), we have implemented this by embedding the HTML from a standardised web form into each event's details section.


      However, when the event booking is submitted by the customer, Business Catalyst creates a product whose name is constructed as {form name}/{event name} to correspond to this event. This product is referenced in the CRM order for this event that is linked to the customer. This means we get a separate product for each event type.


      The problem is that the product code that is assigned to the event booking product is the ID of the web form that was used to process the event (ie. the form embedded in the event detail). Since we use the same web form for multiple events we are now seeing duplicate product codes.


      I would like to create a common product for all event bookings and pass this product ID when posting the form on submit of the event booking. The reason for a single booking product is to simplify the synchronisation to our accounting system - otherwise we need to create a new product in the accounting system every time we add a new event.


      Is there a query parameter I can include on the form's action URL or as an input field to the form that controls the product ID and / or the product name that will be used for the booking order?


      The only other solution I can think of to solve this challenge is to create a unique web form - event combination for every single event. This is not a great solution due to the unnecessary duplication that this will involve - I would rather re-use a common piece of code.


      Thanks for any help and advice.