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    AE CC is so slow. Please Help.

    The Reuster



      My specs are as follows:


      Late 2013 Mac Pro

      2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5

      64 GB RAM

      1 TB HD

      Dual AMD FirePro D700

      Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt 2 R4 (RAID 0 on 3 drives, Pass Thru on the 4th)

      Dual 27" Apple Cinema Displays

      OS X 10.9.1


      I'm using After Effects CC and it's unbearably slow. There are long lags just clicking around the timeline. My comp has 350 layers in it using AE Script's Layer Monkey and Type Monkey. It's basically a bunch of pre-comped text that the camera flies around. There are a lot of layers, sure, but it's not very complicated, and there's not much happening on screen at the same time.


      First, the RAM Preview choked if I even thought about pushing 0. Then, once I turned off the audio on all the layers (there was an .aiff VO marker track in each pre-comp) it was better- as in it actually moved- but still nowhere in the ballpark of fast.


      Then I added some fractal noise in the background with some color correction. Wow. Did someone cram my old 2008 Mac Pro into this trash can? I'm so dissapointed. What could possibly be causing this to run so slow? Yes, I've read the "How to optimize AE" articles. My Disk Cache is on the internal 1TB SSD and it has plenty of room on it. The Pegasus gets about 600mb/s write and 480mb/s read, and the project is on that drive (the RAID 0 drive, not the slower, pass thru drive)- and it's all graphics, no footage. I've tried putting the project on my internal drive, too, and that didn't speed anything up.


      I really hoped this computer was going to crush everything I threw at it. Now it's taking 10 minutes to RAM Preview 2 seconds at 50% resolution.


      I also tried it in AE 6 with similar results. I find it hard to believe it's the computer... Adobe? Me?? Trust me, I hope I'm doing something stupid to make it this slow. Please, help me figure it out if you can... -s

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Perhaps you have set one of your comps to raytrace 3D. Check that.



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            The Reuster Level 1

            I wish. Just double checked and everything is Classic 3D... Thanks, though. -s

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Have you tried converting the expressions that the scripts use? Knowing how they work and use a kind of hack to do their thing and how that involves sampleImage() I would predict they are terribly slow to begin with. Animation Assistant --> Expressions to Keyframes wil lbe your friend if the scripts don't have such functionality built-in.



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                The Reuster Level 1

                Thanks M, I tried that last night and it didn't seem to help... I'm starting to think my expectations were just way too high.


                I've boiled the comp down to nothing but a bunch of 3d animated text and a camera that flies around it (with the indespensible help of the Type Monkey and Layer Monkey scripts), and it still seems slow to me. At least, it doesn't seem significanlty faster than my 2008 MP and that's just heartbreaking. The GUI experience is extremely sluggish as well. The time indicator sometimes takes a couple seconds or more to catch up. The "fast previews" don't seem all that fast to me.


                Does anybody out there have some good reviews for the MP in AE? Similarly bad? I feel so alone right now, lol. At least the nMP is better-shaped for hugs. -s

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Most of the time MP slows things down. Feel free to give it a try.


                  There may be recursive expressions in your project that are slowing things down but I can't tell without a revealing screenshot.


                  Other things to try, do your motion previews and tests at 1/4 resolution. Turn off effects and lights until you need them for final tweaking. Only used ray-traced rendering if there is no other option.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    > The GUI experience is extremely sluggish as well.


                    You mentioned dual 27" monitors. Try disconnecting one of them and just using After Effects on a single monitor. Does the UI respond faster?


                    Also, as a separate test, try turning off Show Cache Indicators in the Timeline panel menu.   One the thing that is makes navigation slow is the calculation to determine whether or not each frame in the cache is still valid, which can be very slow for compositions with expressions and certain time-based features. (BTW, I'm testing a fix for this right now, which we hope to make available in a release this spring.)