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    Is there any way to control table indentation via a style?

    kdeuler Level 1



      HI. I'd like to see if there's a way to control the indentation of tables in a document by simply adjusting the margin-left value via a (Table?) style?


      I finding that table indentation is adjusted in a table's properties settings:


      <table class="AlternateBlueColorGrid" style="padding-left: 6.00pt; padding-top: 6.00pt;

               padding-right: 6.00pt; padding-bottom: 6.00pt; margin-left: 40px;"

               cellspacing="0" width="577">


      This is fine for adjusting a single table. But supposing I want to indent all tables in a document or, better, all tables of a certain style. There doesn't seem to be a way to make the indentation setting part of a table style to facilitate this action, at least not through the table settings dialog.


      I see that I can specify margins in a div style, but I can't seem to apply a div style to a table (or paragraphs for that matter. I need to read up on div styles.)


      Thanks in advance?