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    Help drawing a heart with the Pen Tool




      Can someone help me draw this heart with the Pen Tool? I can't for the life of me figure out how.


      I realize once I'm done with one half I just have to duplicate and flip it.




      I found http://on.aol.com/video/macromedia-flash-8---drawing-a-heart-shape-with-the-pen-tool-86622 241 but for some reason that didn't really help.


      Many thanks!


      Ole P.

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          ole_p Level 1

          A thousand thanks to you good sir! But how did you do it? Teach a man how to fish.

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            1. With the pen tool, place a point at the upper point where the guide line bisects the heart.

            2. Move to the lower point on that same bisecting line and click the pen point and swing the mouse while continuing to hold the mouse button. This will cause the line connecting the two points to curve.

            3. Continue to move the mouse until you get a curved line that approximates the outline of half of the heart.

            4. Release the mouse button and select the selection tool, the black arrow.

            5. With the new line unselected, move the selection tool toward the line until you see a small curve marker next to the cursor arrow.

            6. Click and push the curve to move it into line with the heart outline.

            7. Continue as needed. Try to use the minimum number of moves.

            8. Double click on the line to select the whole line.

            9. Select the smooth option at the bottom of the tool bar to smooth the line. Repeat as necessary to get the line to match your template.

            10. When you have one half of the outline as you like it, select the outline and copy and paste it.

            11. Use the Modify menu to horizontally flip the duplicate line.

            12. Move the duplicate flipped line until it docks with the first line.

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              ole_p Level 1

              Thank you so much Mr Dillon for this extremely kind gesture


              Have a great day!