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    Making image stick to one, zooming element of a movie


      Hello everyone,


      I'm just starting with Adobe After Effects and have come across a big challenge for me now.


      I have a very short movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqG6yLnzBR8&feature=youtu.be and a small thermostat on the wall.


      The thermostat becomes bigger and bigger, simultaneously circling. My task is to add a company logo at the bottom of that thermostat.


      Obviously the logo must stick to that thermostat and circle with it so that nobody notice that its an applied layer.


      Is it possible to achieve that with 3d motion tracker without Track Camera mode? Only in  'Track Motion' mode?




      P.S. The Track Camera mode is not available as I keep getting analysis solve failed screen when I try to launch ''Track Camera" function.


      It is getting really frustrating, I've tried to convert avi to all the other formats to no avail ;/




      Thank You for any piece of advice.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's not enough detail in that shot for camera tracking and that is not what you want anyway. Inside AE the way to accomplish that is to start at the end, enable tracking, select corner pin tracking, then track backwards until the track fails as the thermostat gets smaller. You'll have a full screen graphic that is transparent that has the company logo in exactly the right place. You apply the corner pin tracking to the logo and it will snap into the right place.  As the camera pulls back and the track becomes unstable you set an in point for the layer and use transparency keyframes to reveal the logo.


          What should have been done is a texture applied to th surface of the thermostat inside the 3D app that was used to create the shot.