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    About that damaged Premiere Elements 0.9 project of mine + a few questions....


      First off, I should have posted this thread for a while ago, but stuff in life etc came in the the way and such. Anyway, remember that stupid damaged project of mine which kept on crashing my Adobe Premiere Elements 0.9 with a "Serious Error" message?. Well, that issue, as far as I can remember, never really got resolved. However, it sort of got resolved on it's own as I went further sideways instead of trying to go forward when I couldn't. More clearly, even tough the project was damaged and kept crashing my Premiere Elements, I was still able to get out a WMV movie/video of the half-finnished project. Then I uploaded that video in that little test-project I did a time ago when troubleshooting about this. And in that test-project I continued from where I last was working on the half-finnished project. So far and up until the finnished results of the whole project and video, that newer project never ever crashed nor interrupted anything like the other, damaged project did. And now, for a while ago, that project I started on, which became damaged and started crashing, and by continuing on it on from a saved videoversion of it on a new project, it's all completely finnished and working very well. I still have that musicvideo (yes, it's a musicvideo project) saved as a WMV video file, still working and going smoothly and as I created it to be, all completely finnished. While I'm so happy with the ending results and that this all finally sorted out in the end, I am still kind of confused and also pretty nervous and worried about If this same crashing dilemma, like with that damaged project of mine, might happen again in the future... And If it does, what then? Is my Afobe Premiere Elements program then damaged forever? Will I be able to create new projects and work with them as I use to without any worry etc? Or is this project-crashing problem with that "Serious Error" message just some kind of random probem which may and can occur from time to time randomly? Is this just some kind of random thing that just sometimes occurs and is to walk by with creating a new project like I did? Or is this problem something to look out for worry about in the future?

      I've double checked also, nothing is wrong with my computers speed, harddrive nor prestation etc, plus I'm using a PC for my videoprojects alongside with all my games. But I've heard that using too much videoeffects in a Adobe Premiere project, even in the latest version, may be too much for the project and thus it'll crash like my damaged project did.... But then again, this is just something I've heard. What do you guys think? Do you believe and know If using too many video effects in a Premiere Elements project, even the latest versions of the same program, could be too much for the project and thus causing it to crash and cause trouble etc? Or do you know of another theory of why a Adobe Premiere Element project just suddenly goes damaged and just goes crashing while a "Serious Error" message comes popping up? Why is things like this happening and what can be done to solve and fix it?

      I know that I don't have any reason to ask for the moment as my problem sort of got resolved, but I'm still worried about my future projects I have in planned. Also, I'm thinking sort of forward and to the future here, and then all those Premiere Elements users who also may encounter this same problem....


      Any advice, help and tipses by and from anyone on this issue and the questions I asked here is highly welcome and appreciated!