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    Light beams anchor points


      Hi I've just started using after effects and editing in general so I apologise if this has been covered else where as I'm not quite up too speed on what different effects are called, basically I've learned to make glowing lines that move around the screen using text as a line and anchoring it to a path the thing is I can only seem to be able to make it come in one side of the screen and out the other, I would like to have it erupt from a hand in the middle of the screen how do I set it so it starts coming in from the middle of the screen and then extend out from there.


      I tryed putting my first path point in the middle of the screen but when I set  first margin it rolls past and then off screen instead of disappearing in to the first point.


      Thank you for help:)

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          So I think you are using a string of text, applying some kind of glow, and moving that text along a path. If that is right the you can animate the position and scale of the entire text layer using keyframes for position and scale.


          If that's not what you are trying to do then send us a screenshot.


          Try looking at the three videos in this Basic Workflow set of tutorials.