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    Missing links - utilities search finds nothing.



      Indesign CS6. Have cleaned up my computer, placed lots of stuff in different files, nested files - ouch - I now have hundreds of Indesign document links missing. Have done the Utilities seach but it produces nil. Have followed procedures on forums - still to no avail. Is it the way I am searching? Any help would be hugely appreciated - I simply cannot search for each individual missing link. (I now know to "package - after the event). Cheers, Julie

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          tman69 Level 3

          it sounds like you went to a lot of trouble to organise your files--however, it appears your hard work created more problems...that said...

          two solutions come to mind (either of which is difficult and either of which will work)


          1. move ALL indesign files, links, photos, graphics, etc in ONE file folder--then open each INDD document-which should now find it's links (because they're now in the same folder), Then 'package' each file (when you are finished you can delete the contents of the ONE folder you created)


          2. open each INDD file (in it's current location)--open the links pallette--select a missing link. click on the 'relink' choice in the links flyout menu AND check the checkbox that says 'search for other linked files'  then (assuming the links are all found) save the file and NEVER move the linked files again (or alternatively package' but you will have duplicates of all your file on your machine in different locations that will need to searched out and deleted)


          option one may be able to be scripted-but that's out of my skillset

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            makingphotographs Level 1

            Many thanks for your help - I have certainly learned the hard way.