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    Adobe Account Problem (unable to download books)


      I work a a secondary School As a Computer Technician

      I use an iPad to read books


      Problem When I 'borrow' a book and download it. Each reader app I use comes up with errors.

      I have used 2 differnt ipads, with 3 differnt reader apps (Over Drive , Blue Fire, and DL Reader), with 3 differnt types of internet connection (School Network Connection, iPhone Tether, Home internet), with 2 differnt Librarys (School Library Via Wheelers.co, and City Library via Over Drive).


      Over Drive Comes up with Unexpected Error after completeing thwe download of the book.

      Blue Fire Comes up with E_ADEPT_CORE_DECRYPT_LICENS E_KEY urn:uuid:blah blah blah

      DL Reader Has just worked but the other are still erroring, would not allow me to activate using adobe until recently despite the correct username and password.


      Other Users are able to borrow and down load books for the city library, DL reader seems to be the only reader that is working with the school Library at the moment. (Bluefire's Support Sucks).


      We are also haveing a problem with returning books with Blue Fire but that had not stopped me from borrowing in the past.


      Can you have a look at my account and see if it is OK. Some more info on what happens during the borrowing and returning process would help in diagnosing our other problems.



      Day 3 addition to post

      A Responce would be nice.


      A pointer to where I can get some Adobe support for instance.


      I realise Adobe Digital Editions is not what I am using however it is the closes thing i could find in the Adobe Support options to the Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) that Adobe Digital Editions, the the above iPad Apps use.


      Thank You


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      8 days and still nothing from anyone.


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          SolusVenator Level 1

          Hi all after attampting to get some supoport from adobe by phone.... nice people infurating policys as far as support for digital editions or DRM is conserned... However I got no where with support.


          I ended up instaling Digital editions on my desktop PC and going through the motions of registering and borrowing a book then returning it. Then I trying on my iPad, Bluefire worked, Over drive did not so I completely removed Overdrive and reinstalled and re registered. all working now.


          Maybe some one at adobe did something. Maybe the install of the adobe DE client on a PC corrected what ever was out of wack with my account. Mayby the server that my account lives on did a scan disk and corrected a bad clustrer.


          What ever happend My account is actiove and working again. hope this helps others.