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    ScrollPane problem with ScrollDrag and buttons

      I'm using a Flash 8 Scrollpane to load a movie with a .PNG image and animated Flash buttons. Everything works great until I turn ScrollDrag to "True" then the buttons no longer function.

      I have searched the forums and Google with no solution. Others have found the problem but I have not found a solution or a workaround. I have tried using action script to toggle ScrollDrag from "true" to "false" with no luck. Once I set the ScrollDrag to "true" I am unable to set it back to false.

      _root.ScrollPaneName.scrollDrag = true;
      _root.ScrollPaneName.scrollDrag = false;

      Here are a couple links to help visualize the problem.

      ScrollPane: ScrollDrag=False; Buttons OK

      ScrollPane: ScrollDrag=True; Buttons do not work

      Thanks in advance for your help.