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    Click box or Button

    Sujeet Priyadarshi

      Captivate 6:

      Click box and Button not working, when the playbar finishes itsefl. When we drag the seek bar it does not go all the way till the end and in that scenario the click box and button keep working.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I doubt very much you'll ever get an answer, I don't understand question at all. Try to give more details, insert some screenshots to illustrate the question. Some examples: what is 'playbar finishes itself' meaning? And I suppose with 'seek bar' you are talking about scrubbing the progress bar in a playbar? How are the click boxes, buttons configured, do they have pauses, what are they supposed to do?

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            Sujeet Priyadarshi Level 1

            I have created a captivatge file that content 3 slides. On the first slide there is only one CLICK BOX, which navigate the project to slide no. 2. On the second slide there are two CLICK BOX , the first is navigat to slide 1 and the second is navigate to slide 3, Similarly on slidno.3 we have only on CLICK BOX for naviagting to slide 2.

            My problame is that, when we are on slide 3 and the progress bar goes to end, at that time the CLICK BOX does not work. 


            Please se the link  http://c3s.co.in/captivate_6/






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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The pause point for a click box is at the very end of the object you see on the timeline.  This tricks a lot of new users as they are accustomed to the pause point for buttons and text entry boxes being shown by a vertical line somewhere in the middle of the object on the timeline.


              Drag the end of your click box object back from the end of the timeline so that there is a gap between the end of the object and the end of the timeline.  This should mean that the click box will then pause the slide BEFORE it reaches the end of the slide timeline.  The click box action should then still work.

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                TLCMediaDesign Adobe Community Professional

                Just as a side note, this has been a problem in Captivate for a LONG time. I have a swf that I insert on the last slide to back up the timeline 5 frames and pause. Many of our courses have buttons and links on the last page and if the slide gets to the end nothing works. If you use a scrubber, you can't prevent a user from using it and then your buttons break since the event listeners are removed.

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                  Sujeet Priyadarshi Level 1

                  Yes, you are right. I also faced the same problame whem embeddign swf, at the end of slide nothing work.