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    cr2 files no longer work


      All of my cr2 files no longer open in camera raw. This is roughly 1000 files.


      The setup used to take these 1000 cr2 files was a Canon T3i in conjunction with Capture One and a tethered USB cable.


      Suddenly today not a single file can be opened in ACR. I usually just drop the .cr2 file on CS6 in dock and it opens camera raw. I now get the message "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.". If I instead go open cs6 > file > open > enable: camera raw > open.. it says the same thing.


      I haven't change anything in my setup. Same camera, same tethered cable, same Capture One...


      Even if I did change something, it shouldn't affect the cr2 files I generated 6 months ago?