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    cr2 files no longer work

    Mastov1 Level 1

      All of my cr2 files no longer open in camera raw. This is roughly 1000 files.


      The setup used to take these 1000 cr2 files was a Canon T3i in conjunction with Capture One and a tethered USB cable.


      Suddenly today not a single file can be opened in ACR. I usually just drop the .cr2 file on CS6 in dock and it opens camera raw. I now get the message "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.". If I instead go open cs6 > file > open > enable: camera raw > open.. it says the same thing.


      I haven't change anything in my setup. Same camera, same tethered cable, same Capture One...


      Even if I did change something, it shouldn't affect the cr2 files I generated 6 months ago?