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    Importing a word-document to RH11 for output as WebHelp (Image-Quality)


      Hello guys,
      i have a problem with importing word-documents to RH11. It is not a problem with the process itself, but with the settings. After importing the documents to RH11 the image quality is absolutly messed up. The resolution is not even half of the original and its blurry. It seems to be that RH11 only takes a "screenshot" of the picture within the word document instead of importing the original high quality image.

      I am generating a manual and therefor im going to export the project as WebHelp Pro. My inconvinient solution is to export the high quality images from the word document manually and replace the messy pictures in the WebHelpPro folders. As you can imagin this is going to take a lot of time and resources while the project is getting bigger.

      Hopefully you can help me.

      Best regards from Germany and please pardon my English :-)