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    R193 & 194 System Update - Scheduled to go live February 24th, 2014

    cristinel@adobe Adobe Employee

      On February 24th, 2014 we are going to push live a Business Catalyst system update.


      This release marks the end of an era for the Business Catalyst old admin interface and the transition to our latest version.  Additionally, the release includes new SEO functionality that solves the duplicate content for products, paragraph style selection for the new InContext Editing version and  several bug fixes and updates all around the system. You can find below the list of bug fixes and smaller updates. For information about the major updates coming on with this release, please check our release announcement on the Business Catalyst blog.

      Issues fixed by February release


      Issue #Description
      3595128With this release, HTML code will be stripped from a  forum post subject
      3688378Fixed an issues that caused the CRM search to load the admin dashboard instead of search results
      3569891Fixed an issue that caused the WYSIWYG editor to not load styling or CSS classes properly after saving/updating the page
      3694169Fixed an issues with the rendering engine that prevented module_webappsresults from rendering when placed before module_webappsresultsmap inside   the same page   and the user is logged in
      3675211Updated sitemap.xml date output format to remove a space inside the lastmode tag
      3672213Fixed an issue that caused module {module_urlculture} to always renders EN culture
      3672092Fixed an issue with redeem site functionality that was setting an incorrect expiry date for the site
      3664882Updated the developer editor to fix an indentation problem when editing CSS files
      3659646Updated the auto formatting functionality on the developer editor to prevent module formatting from being broken
      3659643Fixed an issue in the developer editor that caused the screen to randomly scroll up when selecting text
      3659090Updated email reports engine to stop tracking  tel links (ex: href="tel:123456789")
      3648478Fixed an issue that caused Safari on iOS7 to freeze when user clicked OK on the alert   box notifying successful selection of a shipping option in the Cart.
      3683584 Fixed an issue that was preventing the module shoppingcartsummary from rendering the custom template when changing the product quantity
      3686971Fixed an issue causing the user to be redirected to admin dashboard instead of item detail when clicking on a link generated by {tag_objecturl} or {tag_objecturlsecure} in system emails

      Known issues and limitations

      This release includes the following known limitations:

      • Updating recovery email address - in an effort to increase security and audit trails on the systems, users are no longer allowed to change passwords or recovery email addresses for other users; a regular admin user can always change his recovery email address by accessing My Details section under the admin user interface; for email users, the recovery email address can be changed by our support team.
      • Admin interface updated URL and page structure - to increase admin interface performance and loading times, we have updated the page and URL structure of an admin page. The changes include:       
        • Admin user interface V2 has been removed completely
        • Admin URLs now start with /Admin and we've dropped the hash convention from the URL; old admin v3 URLs will be redirected to the new pages to preserve backwards compatibility (ex: /AdminConsole/#!/Admin/AdminPage.aspx will be redirected to /Admin/AdminPage.aspx)
        • The iFrame used to display main admin content has been removed
        • The custom menu items (config.json) are still loaded using hash URLs
        • Open Admin (beta) applications URLs are loaded at /Admin/AppLoader.aspx?client_id={{CLIENTID}}


      We hope you will enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback.


      The Business Catalyst team