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    Creating a new Toolbar


      I am new to the RoboHelp world, but I am a Programmer by nature. I would like to know if I can create a toolbar for RoboHelp so that I can pre-load it with my own formatting and tags for Paragraphs, Tables, Headings, etc. I have to make it as easy and non techie as possible for the users trying to create the Help system are not the most "skilled" at computers and if I can limit the knowledge needed to create these HTML help files that would be great. Now I have applied CSS to the HTML files already but when I apply a new paragraph it wont take on my own tag. So that is why I want to create just a drag and drop toolbar, I would however be open to suggestions if I may be looking at this in the wrong way.

      I appreciate the time you will have taken to read/reply and I look forward to working with RoboHelp in the future.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          The short answer is that you cannot create your own toolbars in RH HTML.

          One solution might be to use something like MacroExpress which would enable you set up keyboard shortcuts to achieve the same objective.

          It would concern me a bit that the people creating the help file to be used on a computer are not skilled at using computers. How can they write in the correct terms and structure the help properly if they cannot use the tool concerned? It sounds like some training there might be the right way of looking at it.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            It seems we might have a language problem here. I don't think DevGraham wants a toolbar with keyboard shortcuts; I think he wants to standardize the styles to use.


            The CSS style for paragraphs is the P tag (Normal in the style pull-down); if done correctly, all new paragraphs will use the assigned style.

            Headings, of course, are the H1, H2, etc.

            Tables themselves are not controlled by styles, except for the text within them (we use TableHead and TableRow styles for this). For pre-formatted tables, check out Peter's excellent tutorial on that subject.

            Stay away from styles for lists, especially if you'll also be generating Printed Doc output. Just use the Normal style, then select the list items and click the Bullet or Number icon in the RH toolbar; for nested lists, see Snippet #50, also on Peter's site.

            Good luck,