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    Flash Player won't Install


      I run Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 1750. Dual core (2 x 2.2Ghz) processor, latest version of Internet Explorer.

      Flash Player appears to download and install, but won't work, and a check on your website says it isn't installed.

      However, It appears in the list of programmes in Internet Tools/Security, and is listed as enabled.

      Any ideas what's wrong?

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          Mike M Level 6

          IE11 - Microsoft really did a numnber on it. Browsers use "User-Agent Strings" for websites to identify the browser and its engine and the websites provide the proper content based on the ID from the Strings. The "geniuses" (sarcasm intended) in redmond, WA decided it'd be a really good idea to change IE11's User-Agent Strings to make websites think it was something else. Some sites ID it as a Gecko browser (Firefox), and some as a Webkit browser (Chrome or Safari). Now, here's where the real genius shows through. With out a Gecko or Webkit browser engine (IE has a Trident engine)... The content won't play properly if it even plays at all. And most of the time it doesn't at all. What happens is IE becomes an "unidentified" browser. The pages can't recognize the browser, so they don't recognize any of the plugins, like Flash Player.

          So far, Microsoft has made NO indication that they have any plan to fix it soon. In fact, since they came up with this idiocy, I seriously doubt they'll even acknowledge what a major problem it is.

          Microsoft's recommendation is to use Compatibility View for affected pages, and "pretend" you're using a different browser. Trouble with that is it has seen limited success at best, and you have to individually enable it for EVERY page that has problems.

          I'm not big on "pretending" so I recommend actually using another browser.

          Firefox (from Mozilla)

          Opera (from Opera)

          Safari (from Apple)

          Chrome (from Google)

          ANY of those will work where IE11 won't, with the Flash Player Plug-in (For all other browsers), and Chrome doesn't even need that because it has its own Flash Player plugin built in.