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    Wordpress Edge plugin not working ..





      The animation effect I am trying to in Wordpress achieve is similar to this: http://stsbd.com/



      If this is not posssible with Adobe Edge, let me know.



      I have created a test domain called: http://test.aposx.com.



      I have an oam that I uploaded into this test theme and have installed the Edge Animate plugin.



      I followed the instructions here:

      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/create-like-crazy-with-adobe-edge/episode-5-spice-up-your-wordpr ess-site-with-edge-animate/



      If you go to the "home" page, you will see a picture as one of the pics in the slider.



      In the place of this picture should be an Edge Animate item (referenced to with the oam file).



      The Wordpress page with the reference to the oam file is here.




      For the definition of the page, at the bottom, it says: "Edge Suite" with a dropdown box to choose the

      OAM file. I have only made one.



      Here is the oam I was trying to work with:




      Why does this not work in Wordpress?