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    placing .indd file in another .indd causes errors

    Ivo Marks



      I am working with CS6 on a Windows 7 machine and I frequently place .indd files into other indd. files.

      Quite often indesign crashes when I have both of those indesign files opened. Just as I make changes in one of them and save it, indesign stops working and I am forced to close it.

      It maybe be important to note, that files are not saved on a local computer, all .indd files I am working with are on internal network.


      I am used to these crashes now and I try not to worry about them too much, but recently I experienced something really bad, where I can't find an explanation.


      I have linked 2 .indd files in one. Display performance is set to HIGH QUALITY.

      Here is a screenshot of how it looks - ALL FINE.



      SAME file. Display performance is set to TYPICAL DISPLAY.

      Here is a screenshot of how it looks - BAD!!!


      How can it be, that the headline, the logo and another text box on the right .indd file is missing now?

      It is exactly the same .indd file on both sides. The layer options for both of them are the same. All of those elements are on the same layer.

      I get no errors in preflight, no missing links in links panel. If I click edit original on the right .indd file, it opens up and all is perfect.


      I also noticed, that sometimes it is the other way around, setting to typical display shows all objects, setting to high, makes some disappear.


      In my case, I was working with high quality display performance, exported as postscript file and sent to print.

      Those objects did not print out.


      Does anyone knows what is the cause of this? Or has anyone experienced anything like this?