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    Problems choosing Region option on PT-based computers


      PT-System-based computers are unable to download non-PT apps like, for instance, Flash Player US Version.

      Site stucks on PT-BR Region option. (http://get.adobe.com/br/flashplayer/)

      But there are exceptions:

      I can can change Region to:





      However, any english-based address redirects me to PT-BR Adobe site.

      It is impossible to reach UK, US, BE(english), Greece(english), Israel(english) Adobe download sites (the examples are not exaustive but they can demonstrate that there is a selective option not to get any english-based Apps, other than PT-BR from portuguese-spoking people.


      I must note that PT-BR translations uses very often technical terms that PT-PT users are not familiar with, in a regular basis. Many PT-PT users opt to use, instead, English-based software because of that. There is a not-assumed 'war' regarding linguistic issues, because Orthographic Agreement between PT and BR is very controversial among people. This is very understandeable, since we assume there are notorious cultural differences in vocabulary (some objects, actions, concepts, are written differently in Portugal and Brazil, and even grammar uses differ in some situations).

      I may assume that Adobe is not fully aware of this particular issue. However, this is not a fair treatment for portuguese-spoken people, as this blocks any option to choose english-based software.


      I hope this issue may be attended accordingly by Adobe.


      Best Regards.


      Paul A.