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    Severe Menu button-overlap issues! Please help!


      Hi everyone!


      I'm having major trouble with a project for a work. I'm producing a DVD using a previous employee's project files, so I'm having to reverse-engineer the project in order to aqdd to it and finalise it.


      The major issue is: Overlapping Buttons. I can see why there is an issue - the red boxes denoting the overlap are clearly visible. Trouble is - I can't resize the buttons so that they don't overlap. Whenever I click on the buttons, the text for the buttons either spontaneously resizes, disappeares or duplicates other text, seemingly at random. There does not seem to be a way to untangle the menu. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance, as I'm completely stuck and my deadline for completion is within a few hours. I've tried editing the menu in Photoshop but without any success. Nothing I seem to do in Photoshop or in Encore seems to make the project respond. 


      I've tried gaining a screenshot of the Menu monitor to illustrate the nightmare of red and green boxes, but for some reason, I can't bring up the red-boxes now.

      I'm at a complete loss!