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    Cuda enable - Access denied


      Okey so yesterday I bought myself a used desktop to use while I wait for MSI GS60 to be released.

      Since this was just a cheap second hand desktop I decideed to try the little cuda hack.

      I've got a Geforce gtx 460 card.


      I went into  disc C - Adobe - premiere pro cs6  and scrolled down to cuda_supported_cards, opened it up, duplicated the name of the card closest to mine and changed the number. Then I did ctr+s to save and it prompted me to "save as" instead of just saving. I clicked to save it in it's original place and got asked if I wanted to replace the file. Sure, so I clicked yes. And then "access denied".

      I am logged into notepad as an administrator and I tried going into user account control and drag down the settings to never varn me (something I read in another post in the forum) but still, access denied.


      Any ideas on what to do? I was really looking forward to mercury playback here.

      Thank you in advance